OKBet Update Wilde Blu Project Continues To Develop Next Cue Masters

The Wilde Blu Project is still looking for up-and-coming pool players who might become the nation’s future pool masters.

Leslie “the AnitoKid of Billiards” Mapugay and Nino Lopez founded the Wild Blu Project in February 2019 as a charitable initiative that promotes the proper growth of young pool players through instruction and discipline to surpass Efren “Bata” Reyes’ greatness while also completing their formal education in educational institutions.

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It is a volunteer-run, non-profit grassroots organization that focuses largely on cue sports for young pocket billiard players between the ages of 10 and 17 who originate from low-income homes.
Sponsors, unpaid supporters, and mentors prepared to offer advice and help to chosen and talented youth players manage the squad. It is a selfless and passionate program meant to aid young billiard players in honing their abilities at the table.

Since the program’s beginning, players who potentially shape the sport’s future have already been produced.
Among them are rising star junior player Bernie “Benok” Regalario, who has already committed to a professional player sponsorship with Peri Cues in November 2020, and young player Kayla C. Herrera, who has established a name for herself by triumphing in several competitions, including the women’s division at the first Miguel Padilla Memorial 8-Ball Tournament in August 2019, the girl’s division at the district meet in 8-ball and 9-ball in September 2019, and the girl’s.

In addition to their sports successes, the program has assisted its participants in completing their academic requirements with young athletes. NJ Asugue Perez and Dexter M. Barnido are regarded as the first members of the Wilde Blu Junior Team to complete high school.
The sponsors and mentors support and encourage the young athletes as they hone their abilities. In exchange, junior players are expected to behave responsibly, respect and honor their parents, attend school, and keep a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 80 percent.

There are now 18 people on the team: Anthony Figueroa, Apollo M. Miranda, Trix Carl Jamantron, Earl Vincent Trinidad, Dartagnan Philippe Bonode, Jego Flores, Kayla C. Herrera, Elijah De Mesa, Bastien Olanda, Rey Calanao, Sofhia Rosales, Ian Cedrick Bayot, Jolo Aspuria, Dominic John Versoza, Dianne Jane Versoza, Ruben Quezon
More recognized sponsors and backers have excitedly jumped on board. To name a few, there are the following: HOW Brand, Kamui Brand, Ropa Commercial, South Cue Billiard Depot, Peri Cues, Aspire Billiards, Angel Custom Cues, JD Custom Cues, CPBA Cloth, DC Cues, AnitoKid of Billiards, MAPPA, Bilyarista.com, Jimenez Logistics and Solutions Inc., Pathfinder Gear, the Parashop Manila, and Hahn Manila.

Other mentors involved in the initiative, besides Lopez and Mapugay, include Victor Arpilleda, who serves as the team coach. Arpilleda won gold and silver medals at the SEA Games in 1997 and 1987, respectively, and served as the head coach of the Indonesian pool team at the 2015 SEA Games in Singapore.

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